Menart Sorting and Recycling Equipment

Menart Sorting and Recycling Equipment

In order to reply to ever-increasing demands for quality in recycled products, Ménart has developed a series of ingenious machines to meet its needs in pioneering projects or to supplement the applications of its standard equipment:

  • separators
  • bagging machines
  • irrigation equipment
  • additive measuring feeders
  • mixer-siever

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    Sorting garbage

    Menart designs, builds and installs garbage sorting lines adapted to medium-sized projects. The process is simple, reliable and allows an ideal quality of sorting for a very competitive operational cost. By successive stages of mechanical and manual sorting, household waste is separated into several recoverable streams: organic, inert (paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, etc.) and refusals.

    Apart from the standard sorting line, Menart is expanding its offer with complementary modules: presses for inerts; air-co cabins for sorters; RDF / CSR equipment; etc.

    Treatment and stabilization of organic waste

    The organic fraction of household waste is known for the negative effects that it causes on the environment: atmospheric pollution, water pollution, olfactory pollution, disease vector, etc. Menart, specialist of composting machines, provides a whole range of crushers and composters, for the mechanical and biological treatment of this waste. These processes make it possible to reduce, transform and hygienize organic materials so that they are no longer a threat to the environment.

    Valorisation of composts

    Once stabilized, the organic materials recycled in compost can be valorized for the sale. Menart offers a range of screens, stationary ripening and composting units, as well as baggers for optimal compost conditioning.

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