Menart Windrow Turners

Menart Windrow Turners

Ménart turners have proven themselves in all types of material and in the most extreme work conditions: green waste, household waste, polluted soils, agro-industrial residue, animal evacuation, etc.
They benefit from the most thorough and efficient development. They are recognized for their robust nature, their high output and the aeration quality of the material, their low running costs and the optimum quality of the mixes.
Depending on the specifications of the material to be treated and the needs of the project, the following options are available:

  • Tractor-driven self-propelled turners
  • Self-propelled turners
  • Tabulaire
  • Corridor system

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Menart Tow-behind Windrow Turners

Outstanding yield

In the category of tractor-powered turners, MENART machines can process the widest and highest windrows in the world, and at very high speed.

Amazing capacities

Thanks to its powerful rotor drums and its 50 cm tunnel raising capability, the MENART SP turners can process every matter even under extreme conditions.

Best operating costs

The turner driving wheels push the turner and the tractor. Tractors do not need creeper gear, they run in neutral gear. SP turners go faster, process higher windrows, consuming same fuel as a usual turner on a same period of time. Thus the fuel consumption per composted Ton is very low.

Excellent mixing quality

Excellent mixing and aeration is ensured by the specific paddle orientation and by the large open tunnel. Refining is attained thanks to mechanical hits made by the paddles. The resulting quality is excellent even at the bottom right of the windrow.

Easy to transport, pulled by its tractor

The center of gravity is low, and the machine stability is outstanding. SP turners are very easy and safe to be towed and moved around, on any kind of terrain (roads, dirt tracks). SP turners are all-terrains vehicles, ideal for contractors.

Easier work management

The touch-screen in the cab does much more than just control the machine. With the recording of the data (windrow identification, customer name, production time, etc.) it gives you the precise statement of the work done and you can download the data on your computer easily.

Menart Self-propelled Windrow Turners

Excellent aeration quality

MENART turners have been specially designed to optimize the aeration and mixing process: larger trapezoidal tunnel, powerful rotor drum, no compacting effect, left-right crossing flow.

High productivity

The SPM turners are equipped with powerful track clearers to improve traction grip. And thanks to their large tunnel, they can process huge windrows at a high speed.

All-terrain machines

Saving space

Thanks to the track clearers, windrows can be brought closer on the site, therefore gaining space. In addition, MENART turners are big but compact and they can spin around at the end of the windrow. Composting plant area is optimized.

Maximum driver comfort

The cabins are the most modern with all-around visibility and pressurized air conditioning. Joystick controls are « at hand » for easy use. A fun and intuitive touch screen allows the operator to have all the machine information at a glance. The engine compartments are soundproofed.

Operators safety

MENART turners are easy and safe to maintain thanks to a large and secure platform. The tunnel is equipped with protection against projectiles: in the front a rubber curtain and at the rear an adjustable metallic deflector.

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